Grietje van der Veen

Grietje PortraitNature = Art and Art = Nature. This is how my artwork can be described. After small excursions to other realms, I keep coming back to Nature. However, while for a long time I was focussed on the beauty of nature I am gradually shifting to the aspects of human impact on our surroundigs be they positiv or negativ. Crucial topics are water pollution and the restauration of landscapes after exploitation.

My means of expression are textiles that are dyed, painted, deformed, layered and stitched, depending on the project. Sometimes plain, sometimes exuberant or glaring.


Born and raised in the Netherlands

1962          Move to Switzerland

1975-1981  Studies of literature and linguistics at the University  of Basel, Lic.Phil I

1981-2004  Various vocations

2004-         Establishing a studio in Oberwil BL. Start giving workshops

2006-2010  Board member of "patCHquilt"(Swiss Guild) and editor of its magazine

2006-2008  "Quilt Judging Course" given by the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles

2010          Formation of the group TAFch (Textile Art Forum Schweiz)

2013–2014  TAFch organises its first complete textile art-competition 'teximus 1' in     Switzerland

2015-         TAFch organises its 2nd complete textile art-competition 'teximus 2'in Switzerland

2019          Withdrawel from TAFch

Self published Catalogues

Textile Art I, 2008
Textile Art II, 2010
Poesie des Augenblicks/Poetics of the Moment, 2012